The original structure of Emergence has already convinced and attracted 16 top-tier investors, representing the diversity of the French institutional landscape: life insurers, mutual insurance groups and reinsurers, pension funds, public bodies and large corporations.

While benefiting from a high-return investment, Emergence investors can effectively contribute to the development of a part of the finance industry that finances sustainable growth for the French and European economy.

Augustin de Romanet

Chairman (GROUPE ADP) and Chairman PARIS EUROPLACE






The Board of Directors

  • Represents institutional shareholder investors
  • Designates the financial management delegate for each sub-fund (after a call for tenders)
  • Defines the SICAV’s strategic guidelines, the creation of new sub-funds and their investment framework
  • Appoints the SICAV’s Chief Executive Officer

Examines and assesses the SICAV’s administrative operation

  • Examines and assesses the SICAV’s administrative operation
  • Carries out specific controls on the compliance of the conditions of application for the delegation of financial, administrative and accounting management

The Investment Committee

Statutory body acting on the delegation of the Board of Directors. Each sub-fund of the SICAV has its own Investment Committee:

  • Composed of institutional investors committed to the sub-fund
  • That has the power to approve the delegated financial manager’s investment proposals (right of veto)
  • That may specify the management objectives defined by the Board of Directors

The Financial Management Delegate:

Is appointed after a call for tenders for each sub-fund, by decision of the Board of Directors, and:

  • Analyses and selects the candidate asset management companies and target funds to be presented to the Investment Committee
  • Carries out investments and monitors them (financial, administrative and accounting), subject to reporting
  • Supports accelerated asset management companies in their development strategies for institutional investors and their efforts to make progress in responsible investment
  • Proposes and carries out sub-fund divestments (at the end of the lock-up period or in advance, in the event of the occurrence of events with early exit, provided for contractually)

EMERGENCE Committees

In 2020, the Board of Directors of EMERGENCE created two collegial committees to discuss topics of interest to the SICAV’s institutional investor shareholders. The objectives and work programme are determined by the chairman of each committee, appointed by the Board of Directors.

The ESG Committee analyses the issues shared by investors concerning responsible investment and their implementation in the investment policies of EMERGENCE’s various sub-funds. (Chaired by Karine LEYMARIE, MAIF).


The Innovation Committee identifies developments in emerging investment themes, which can be supported by EMERGENCE through a new dedicated sub-fund. (Chaired by Arnaud MIROUDEL, BNP-PARIBAS CARDIF)